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Financial Planning and Wealth Management

Wealth Management is what we, here at Cathay DuPont, are best at. The term ‘Wealth Management’ describes the financial services and estate planning services that are delivered to our high net worth investors which are customized to fit their bespoke, particular, needs.

When assessing which style of wealth management will work best for you, we will work hard to consider various factors including your current wealth, your attitude to risk and your specific financial goals. Where some clients may be interested in multi-generational wealth management, others may have more immediate or short term needs. Within Cathay DuPont, our Private Client Advisors are financial experts in wealth management with the very latest and advanced industry qualifications. As certified financial planners, be rest assured that we have the experience and credentials to best manage you and your family’s wealth. Alongside with the financial planning needs, which our wealth management clients will have, we will facilitate and orchestrate access to other professional advisers in order to enhance and complement our globally recognised wealth management service.

To take advantage of Cathay DuPont Wealth Management, you do not have to be a multi-millionaire or celebrity. Our wealth management service is personalised to each and every customer, we are not a ‘one size fits all’ wealth manager.

When you choose to entrust Cathay DuPont with your wealth management needs, be rest assured knowing that all of your financial needs are covered from A to Z. At any time, you can pick up the phone and call the Private Client Advisor assigned to your account to discuss your portfolio and any changes you would like to make.

Most of us have goals in life that call for an investment of a significant amount of time and financial resources. We may have done some planning. However, our natural tendency is to focus on only one or two goals that are most important to us right now. For most people, developing and maintaining a plan to achieve all of their financial goals is a daunting challenge—one we delay taking on.

Complete Comprehensive Plans

If you elect to have us do a comprehensive plan for you we will meet with you to gather complete financial information from you including your short and long term goals. With this information, we will then look for planning strategies that you can use to improve your financial situation.

During a second meeting we will deliver these strategies to you and recommend methods of implementation. Cathay DuPont, of course, recommends annual reviews and updates of your plan to keep it on track. We also find that these updates increase the knowledge level of our clients, which in turn increases their odds of success. A comprehensive plan is an ongoing process.

Your plan will cover these basic areas:

  • 1. Cash Flow
    4. College Planning & Funding Options
    7. Taxes
  • 2. Debt Reduction
    5. Retirement Planning
    8. Estate Planning
  • 3. Insurance Analysis (Including Long Term Care)
    6. Investment Options

Some things in life are easier when you have the right partner.

At Cathy Dupont, we believe investing is a partnership. We listen to your goals and design a personalized financial plan to fit your lifestyle. Our brokers work toward helping you realise your dreams.

Whether you are building on your investments with an eye on early retirement; saving for that trip to Great Wall of China; striving to buy your family a beach house; or creating a legacy to bequeath to your favorite charity, your goals are Cathay DuPont’s goals. Your partners at Cathay DuPont lighten your load, so you can focus on living.

  • Bond Management

    For many investors, avoiding loss of principal is paramount to our investment programs. Our Bond Management Program offers advantages to those conservative minded investors and to other clients who have assets earmarked for fixed income.

    By carefully monitoring various financial markets, we determine what we believe to be the best opportunity to invest in corporate bonds, and alternatively, the proper time to retreat into short-term bonds or the money market. This has allowed our clients to benefit from high-yield debt instruments while reducing exposure in volatile markets.

    Research, Investments and Planning

    The clearing firm of Cathay DuPont, along with other firms, allows us an open door to award-winning research. This access provides you with a comprehensive view of the market, as well as invaluable recommendations from a variety of trusted, knowledgeable and experienced sources.

  • Reliable Investment Options for Expats

    When it comes to investing your money there are a myriad of different options available. If you’re not particularly financially minded then the choice can be overwhelming and confusing. Cathay DuPont are the financial investment specialists, and we are fully independent so you can be sure that the advice you receive from us is honest and geared towards your best interests.

    We offer reliable, tailored advice on investments for expats and globally. The process begins with Cathay DuPont’s Private Client Advisors taking the time to get to know you and find out what makes you tick. This helps us to build up a picture of the investment options that will best suit your needs.

    The highly qualified and experienced advisers at Cathay DuPont are familiar with the full investment risk spectrum. We are well equipped to advise you on everything from low risk deposit-based or capital-guaranteed investments to high risk, high return managed commodities, futures, bonds and everything in between.

    Some examples of the investments that we make use of are:

    • 1. Capital protected and guaranteed funds
    • 2. Alternative non-market related investments, e.g. life settlements funds
    • 3. Traditional stock bond and property investment
    • 4. Trend trading investment funds

    Some people are more suited to a long-term investment, while others favour a shorter fixed-term investment. Whether you wish to invest for 6 months, 10 years or more, Cathay DuPont can assist you with all your investment needs.

  • Insurance

    Access to one of the largest selections of insurance products available means more choice for you. Statements include the majority of annuities, combining your investments and annuities on one consolidated statement.

    • 1. Life, Health And Long Term Care Insurance
    • 2. Fixed and Variables Annuities
    • 3. Personal and Commercial Property and Casualty Insurance
    • 4. Insurance Bonds
    • 5. Insurance Education

    Some people are more suited to a long-term investment, while others favour a shorter fixed-term investment. Whether you wish to invest for 6 months, 10 years or more, Cathay DuPont can assist you with all investment needs.

  • Technology

    Cathay DuPont employs the latest of technology for training, research, online executions and more. Per year, Financial experts, Engineers and IT Professionals invests more than $75 million into technology, allowing online access to all of your accounts so that you can stay informed and get ahead.